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We are a family of Reformed Presbyterian Churches around the world.
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Synod meets annually, a gathering of our constituent Presbyteries.
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The Book of Church Order contains the procedures and practices of the Church as agreed and adopted by Synod on 5th June 2015.

The BCO was amended to BCO v5 incorporating amendments approved at Synod on 10th June 2016 & 3rd March 2017.

A print (and kindle version) of BCO 5 is now available as well as a download for personal use below.

Download or print versions of the BCO should have subsequent amendments (see below) appended to remain valid.
Book of Church Order
The Book of Church Order (version 5) is now published and available from Amazon. 
Please click on the link if you wish to order your own copy.
The BCO is also available through US and European Amazon sites - search IPC and BCO to find it.
You may also download a free personal copy here.

ISBN-13: 978-1514294666 
ISBN-10: 1514294664

Download BCO v5.1 
(available from 2nd March 2018)
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ORDER BCO 5 - Direct link to page
Book of Subordinate Standards
The Westminster Standards and 3 Forms of Unity (with modern translations by kind permission of Rowland Ward) are texts approved by Synod and are now published and available from Amazon. 

ISBN-10: 1974602672
ISBN-13: 978-1974602674

Order Book of Subordinate Standards - Direct link to page
Book of Liturgy
Order Book of Liturgy - Direct link to page
A collection of liturgical forms for our services are now published and available in this volume from Amazon. 

ISBN-10: 1545000719
ISBN-13: 978-1545000717
History of the IPC
Read Ranald Macaulay's reflections 'As for the Saints Who Are in the Land' - tracing the roots of our denomination.
​Download the text here or order a print copy - follow the link.

Download 'As for the Saints Who Are in the Land'
ORDER 'As for the Saints..' - Print version
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